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Wyo-Ben Products

Wyo-Ben Products assist in reducing fluid loss while improving lubricity, inhibiting clay and shale, and increasing bore stability.

Products include TRUE BORE* is a highly concentrated bentonite-based drilling fluid designed for difficult drilling operations in both vertical and horizontal borings. EXTRA HIGH YIELD BENTONITE* has a Higher Performance formula. This Wyoming Bentonite is designed for use in mineral exploration, water well, and directional drilling.

SODA ASH EXTRA HIGH YIELD UNI-DRILL* Is used when you want moderate viscosity and moderate fluid loss. This product is designed to be flushed out of the well-bore prior to using the well for drinking water. UNI-DRILL* Liquid polymer may be added to any of the above drilling fluids to improve overall performance by decreasing rotational torque and pullback force.

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