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"Specialty Drilling will build the Reamer to your Specifications.  Customizing is our Specialty!"

Here at Specialty Drilling Tools, we've designed and manufactured almost all kinds of heavy-duty reamers imaginable. Requiring a high standard of quality, all of our Reamers are built using a 4145 Heat Treated shaft, all new materials, and Hard Faced with tungsten carbide to minimize wear. Our team of veteran welders is on top of things and ready to bring your next tool to life.

Here are some of the types of reamers we manufacture.

  • Wing
  • Helical Tapered
  • Fluted
  • Barrel
  • Beaver-Tail
  • Stack Plate
  • Push-Pull
  • and so many other Reamers


Contact us for pricing, further information, or questions.

Phone: 405-670-2225