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Pipe Wrenches


Pipe Wrenches

If you were looking for quality pipe wrenches, you have found them.

We carry the Ridgid line of pipe wrenches and parts.

We stock Wrenches, Reinforced Wrenches, Spring Assemblies, Nuts, Heel / Pins, and Jaws:

  • 12" Ridgid Wrench & Parts
  • 18" Ridgid Wrench & Parts
  • 24" Ridgid Wrench & Parts
  • 36" Ridgid Wrench & Parts
  • 48" Ridgid Wrench & Parts
  • 60" Ridgid Wrench & Parts

Any Ridgid wrench part can be ordered,

if you don't see the size you want us a call and we will get you back on track.

Bring in your existing wrench and we can have it reinforced for you!


Contact us for pricing, further information, or questions.

Phone: 405-670-2225