SDT, Inc.  can meet your needs in many areas of manufacturing. We machine crossover subs to make connections from your rig to any other piece of tooling that you may want to use. With the versatility of the manual lathe we are also able to do a wide variety of machine work that will fit just about any job that you are trying to accomplish. Contact us for more information on manufactured tooling, or any other machine service.  Here is just a short list of items that we manufacture.

  • Sub Savers & Crossover Subs
  • Jet, Bent, Side Entry, & Orientation Subs
  • Bit Body
  • Reamers
    • Barrel
    • Wing
    • Fly
    • Tapered Fluted
  • Sonde Housings
  • Hole Openers
  • Swivels
  • Bullplugs

As large or as small as you want!


Please contact us for pricing, further information or questions.

Phone: 405-670-2225