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Flange DSA

We build API Flanges, ANSI Flanges, DSA, and Spools.

  • Flange API: A flange specified, now or in the past, in American Petroleum Institute Published standards.
  • Flange ANSI: A flange specified in American National Standards Institute published standards.
  • Flange DSA: Double Studded Adapter Flange.

DSA Flange will be used where there is a restriction of space on the drill string. It provides an ideal solution by hooking up two different pieces of equipment of different sizes and pressure ratings.

Specialty Drilling Tools offers Adapter Flanges and Adapter Spools in combinations that allow the connection of API flanges to those found in ANSI, ASTM, ASME, and MSS specifications.

We manufacture Adapter Spools in every size and pressure rating. Adapter Spools have end connections that differ from one another in nominal sizes and/or pressure rating. Buyers may specify any combination of end connections as well as overall height or length. When specified minimum OAH consistent with adequate clearance to accommodate studs, nuts, wrenches, and clamps where applicable.


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