Dril-Rite Products

DrilRite products include:

  • ClayRite - Used in HDD to aid in reducing the clays tendency to swell during drilling operations and down time.
  • DetRite - This aids in reducing clay's surface tension and tendency to stick to DP and bit.
  • PacRite - Creates a wall that reduces the amount of fluid absorbed by the formation, preventing sloughing.
  • PolyRite - Liquid polymer designed to aid in cuttings encapsulation and formation stabilization.
  • RiteMix - Provides borehole stability and superior hole cleaning while drilling highly deviated / horizontal bores.
  • SandRite - Increases viscosity of the drilling fluid, thus suspending the cuttings in the hole for easier removal.
  • ThinRite-P - Is a dispersant (thinner) that aids in reducing flocculation of solids in the drilling fluid.
  • VisRite - Aids in cuttings encapsulation and formation stabilization. Also a friction reducer and flocculant.
  • Super Gel X - Highly concentrated Bentonite for max yield, used for all types of freshwater mud rotary drilling.

*If their product is proven to be inferior to a competitors' equivalent product by a certified third party testing facility, DrilRite-Chem will refund the unopened product cost, shipping and lab test expense occurred.*


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