Terra-Bore Hammers


Specialty is now the proud distributor for "Terra-Bore Hammers."

Manufactured in the USA, Terra-Bore Hammers incorporate the latest innovations in rock drilling. High Frequency Lube Style Hammers (5-6") - High Frequency Non-Lube Hammers 5" (6" coming soon) - Axial Flow Separator (Increases the hammer production by reducing fluids introduced to the hammer. Complete longer bores due to the reduced fluid interference. - High Strength Housings - Thickest wall housing available. Extended housing life. Simple ratcheting clocking mechanism. No special tools required. Locking Pin Connection virtually eliminates down-hole hammer loss due to backing off during steering corrections.

Hammer Bits - Slant face, Flat face, Convex face, Innovative carbide size and placement reduces cutting size.

Terra-Bore Hammer Systems: Hammer, Housing, Bits, Support Pack.

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